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Access to and use of this Website (hereinafter “SOLERGON”) and services made available through it (hereinafter the “Services”) are subject to the following terms, conditions (hereinafter “Terms of Use”). Before using the Services, your agreement with all the Terms of Use is required, as updated by us from time to time. You should check this page regularly in order to take notice of any changes to the Terms of Use. SOLERGON use after the Terms of Use currently in force were made available to the user entails his acceptance of them. In case you disagree with the Terms of Use, you should not use SOLERGON.

Access to SOLERGON is permitted throughout its operation, but the Company reserves the right to withdraw or suspend provision of Services without notice. The Company is not liable in case the access to all or some of the Services is not possible for any reason.

The Company makes every possible effort in order to to guarantee that the information included in the content of SOLERGON is complete, accurate, explicit, valid, informative, updated, truthful and non – misleading. In any case the Company bears no responsibility for or any commitment neither it guarantees the safety and the content. SOLERGON users accept the fact that the Company may not be able to control the entire content and all its Services. Moreover, the Company does not guarantee that the use by its users of the information, data and material included in the content of SOLERGON will not infringe the rights of third persons.

Every user is solely responsible for the use of SOLERGON. Its content is not and can never be interpreted as granting of advice or direct or indirect encouragement of any act or action. It is up to the users, who are also responsible for the use of any part of its content, to evaluate it.

This Website also contains “links” to other websites (hyperlinks or banners), which are not managed by SOLERGON. SOLERGON has no control over the linked sites nor the Services provided or the personal data protection policy applied by them. The use of the linked sites will be subject to the terms of use contained within each such site, for the content of which the users shall get informed. SOLERGON bears no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of those websites. Each user who makes use of the linked sites is responsible for this use.

Minor users of SOLERGON are not permitted to access the Services of SOLERGON that are considered inappropriate for minor users and can not be monitored by SOLERGON. If nevertheless minor users visit on their own initiative sites with inappropriate/ offensive/ unethical content and which can not be continuously monitored by SOLERGON, the Company bears no responsibility.

Users are the solely responsible for the possession and maintenance of the telephone connections, computers and the equipment in general necessary for the use of SOLERGON Services.


The intellectual property right is obtained without any formality and without any clause banning its offense being required. SOLERGON and its content (which contains each and every trademark, distinctive mark, patent, trade name, text, image, graphic, design, photograph, program, information material and data of any form, software) constitutes intellectual and industrial property of the Company and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, European and International Law.

It is pointed out that according to the Greek law 2121/1993 (as amended and in force today), the International Treaty of Bern (that was ratified with the law 100/1975) and the provisions regarding the copyright on the web, every kind of copy, amendment, interference, transfer, distribution, resale,  renting, republication, reproduction, electronic or mechanical broadcasting, save, print, creation of a derivative work, download or mislead of the audience regarding the true carrier of its content is prohibited.

SOLERGON content does not constitute and shall not in any case be considered as express or implicit assignment of license or right of use of any Trademark appearing in it without the written consent of the Company or of any third party that may be proprietor of the Trademarks appearing in it. The trademarks, logos, distinctive marks appearing in SOLERGON and the display of persons, places or things that constitute part of its content, belong to the Company or to third parties. Their use is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Company, unless otherwise provided for in the Terms of Use in force.

Products, services, trade names, trademarks or distinctive marks of third parties that appear in SOLERGON, constitute intellectual and industrial property of the third parties, who bear the relevant responsibility.

The information submitted to the Company via SOLERGON is not considered confidential and does not belong to the user. To the propriety of the Company belongs, if possible, anything that can be transferred, retransmitted or sent through SOLERGON. The Company can collect limited information for its commercial activities.


The internationalized nature of internet and its volume being taken into consideration, the Company, its executives, its directors, its employers, its partners or its representatives are not responsible for any direct, consequential, indirect or incidental loss or damage that may arise from the access of the user to SOLERGON or the use of it, even in case of negligence. The users are advised to use antivirus software and malicious software protection programs.

The Company is not responsible for any loss, damages or costs that may arise from the use of or the incapability to use SOLERGON of any person, or referring to any inability to run, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay of operation or broadcast or system line fall. The Company is not responsible for any loss, damage or virus infection of the computer or of any other electronic means used by the user to access, visit, use or download material, data, text, images, video or sound from its content.

The Services available through the site are provided to the users of website “as they are”. The Company does not guarantee that the context of SOLERGON and the quality of the Services provided will fulfill the demands and expectations of the users. The Company is not liable for any legal claims of civil or penal nature regarding the function or the use of SOLERGON, nor for any kind of damage caused either by visitors of the website or by third parties.

The Company does not bear any obligation or responsibility for compensation for any claim related to the content of SOLERGON or for any fault, defamation or malicious slander, insult, offense, omission, lie, profanity, pornography, blasphemy, danger or inaccuracy found in its content.


For the registration of the user in SOLERGON Services and where and if demanded the user agrees to: a) provide true, accurate, valid and complete evidence while filling in the applications of SOLERGON required for access to its Services to be granted and b) keep and diligently update the registered data in order for them to be true, accurate, valid, updated and complete. As soon as the user completes the registration process defined by SOLERGON, he will receive validation of the password and the user name selected by him. Users are solely responsible for all the acts realized under their password, their username and generally their user account as well as for the proper use of their account, while the Company bears no responsibility for any loss or damage may arise from the incapability of the users to follow and respect the present terms. Users agree to notify immediately the Company for any unauthorized use of their account and for any made and/or possible security violation.


The use of SOLERGON Services presupposes users’ agreement with the following rules of behavior:

i. The user is solely responsible for any post, publication, mailing, transmission or generally for everything that he makes available through SOLERGON Services. For all information, data, texts, graphics, photos, images, music files, videos, messages and content in general, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, solely responsible remains the person, natural or legal, from which the content emanates. The Company can not due to its volume monitor the entire content posted by users on SOLERGON Services. Subsequently it does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legitimacy or quality of such content.

ii. The user understands and accepts that SOLERGON does not monitor in advance the content posted. Nevertheless SOLERGON and its partners reserve the right, without being obligated, to refuse the post/ publication, remove or delete any content made available through its Services. Moreover, the Company and its partners reserve the right to delete any content posted on SOLERGON that violates the present Terms of Use.

iii. The user understands and accepts that he shall evaluate and that he is responsible for any danger may arise from the use of any content, including his decision to trust the correctness, completeness and usefulness of any content. In particular, user understands and accepts that he can not be based on the content and information posted on SOLERGON, the information being available in SOLERGON included.

iv. The user is bound to abide closely by the legislation concerning the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third states.

v. The user understands and accepts that by using SOLERGON Services it may get exposed to offensive, unethical or illegal content. In no case can SOLERGON be considered responsible for any error or omission in any content or for any loss or damage may arise from the use of any content posted, sent, transmitted or otherwise made available by the users on SOLERGON Services. In case which SOLERGON takes notice of any content that causes damage to a third party, reserves the right to delete immediately the content as well as to suspend the function of the user account that violates the present terms.

vi. As long as chatting is made available through SOLERGON, the Code of Conduct for Internet Users shall be followed. All unfair practices followed by users are forbidden.

vii. In case in which users do not comply with the following terms and the legislation in force, the Company reserves the right to take every necessary measure, such as the denial of access to all or some of the Services provided, the delete, removal, processing of messages.

viii. While using SOLERGON Services it is not permitted to:

Post, publish, send, transmit or install by any method content that is illegal, harmful, dangerous, offensive, damaging, slanderous, vulgar, violent, insulting, racist or objectionable for any reason, that offends the personality and the personal data of others, provokes feelings of hatred and /or any criminal offense or harms minors in any way.

Post, publish, send, transmit or install by any method unsolicited or unauthorized advertisement, product promotion of any content, spams and any undesirable promotion of content nor to harass by any means the privacy and the individual or social rights  of other users (such as through the collection and/or saving of personal data of other users/members).

Make false or misleading statements regarding the identity of the user or his relationship and/or cooperation with another natural or legal person nor to alter the elements of identification of the users in order to cause mislead regarding the origin of the content transmitted through SOLERGON Services.

Post, publish, send, transmit or install by any method content emanating from persons unauthorized to make available this content by the law or by a confidential relationship nor to post, publish, send, transmit or install by any method software or content of any form (text, image, sound, video, animation) that violates intellectual and industrial property rights of any carrier.

Post, publish, send, transmit or install, promote, make available by any method content that contains viruses or any electronic code, file or program designed to be inserted, destroy or restrict the function of any computer or telecom equipment software or hardware.

Insert into or disrupt the Services or servers or networks connected with SOLERGON Services or violate the conditions, procedures and terms of use of these networks, violate any national, European, international legislation concerning and/or governing any SOLERGON Services.

SOLERGON user understands and accepts that he is solely responsible to compensate the Company and its partners for any litigation may arise between him and third carriers due to the content that he makes available for post, publication or other transmission through SOLERGON Services.


The Company is not responsible for the communication of the user with third service providers that use SOLERGON to advertise themselves or for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them. The Company is not responsible for the personal data protection policy followed by the abovementioned third service providers during their transactions with the users of these Services.

The user who wishes to get advertised through SOLERGON must apply and receive explicit consent from the Company in order to acquire all the necessary information. The use of SOLERGON Services from SOLERGON users for client shopping regarding the exploitation of other services without the prior special consent of the Company is forbidden.

The user that uses SOLERGON Services in order to post and/ or publish  information, data, texts, graphics, photos, images, music files, videos, messages, grants to the Company license to use the space where this content is posted for advertising reasons as long as such content constitutes part of SOLERGON Services. Moreover, the user who posts and/ or publishes  information, data, texts, graphics, photos, images, music files, videos, messages consents to the post and/or publication of advertisements by SOLERGON on relevant pages / Services.


The present terms and conditions as well as every amendment of them are governed by and interpreted according to the Greek law. If any provision is considered invalid or reversible, it expires ipso iure, without the force of other terms being affected by this reason. In the event of any dispute associated with the use of SOLERGON, that dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.